7-zip Modern Theme

In a while ago, I had made a modern theme for my personal use. I've made a new one, so it integrates well on modern OS like Windows 7/10.

It is based on 7-Zip v16.04 x64 and should be compatible with future versions if no major changes are made. All instructions and needed resources are in the download file.


AviSynth+ r2294 installer

Well, not much to say. I wanted to share this on the doom9 forum, but when you register, you can't post anything for 5 days. Weird policy, anyway…

Please note : I did not notice any problem myself, so feel free to submit any feedback. Also, don't waste your time asking for x32 support.



AIMP icon pack, A

  • Version : 1
  • Suitable : AIMP3+
  • Date : 25/08/2012
  • Infos : Icons are strictly the same at all size. No file type is displayed, only colors (that's the way I like it)
  • Download

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