AviSynth+, the new edition

I decided to change my package's name. Why ? Because I do fansubbing and basically, I created it to make life easier. It might help every fansubbers and particularly encoders.

AviSynth+ r2508 installer

New : Microsoft VC Redist 2017 is now included. It takes place instead of the previous version and will replace it automatically.


AviSynth+ r2506 installer


I've made a few changes regarding installer's behavior. Some files were not removed correctly after the uninstallation, that's fixed. The script template has been updated with some additions. I've also added a "Custom_Vars" script that is now imported by default. The "Quick render test" will let you see if basics are ok and working (it will render ColorbarsHD and show info like time, current frame, Avisynth+ version and a waveform). VirtualDub FilterMod is now included.


7-zip Modern Theme

In a while ago, I had made a modern theme for my personal use. I've made a new one, so it integrates well on modern OS like Windows 7/10.

It is based on 7-Zip v16.04 x64 and should be compatible with future versions if no major changes are made. All instructions and needed resources are in the download file.


AviSynth+ r2294 installer

Well, not much to say. I wanted to share this on the doom9 forum, but when you register, you can't post anything for 5 days. Weird policy, anyway…

Please note : I did not notice any problem myself, so feel free to submit any feedback. Also, don't waste your time asking for x32 support.



AIMP icon pack, A

  • Version : 1
  • Suitable : AIMP3+
  • Date : 25/08/2012
  • Infos : Icons are strictly the same at all size. No file type is displayed, only colors (that's the way I like it)
  • Download

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VFTC 1.5.1 - Vista fix

Ohayo mina!

NSIS m'a bien surpris ; après avoir optimisé le code source pour sortir une v1.5, un gentil internaute (merci!) m'a signalé que l'app se refermait après l'affichage d'un message d'erreur rapportant que l'OS n'était pas bon. L'OS en question est Vista, donc tous les Vistaiens sont concernés.


Le bout de code en question était bon, le problème vient de la source. En effet, NSIS ne supporte pas les sauts de label entre les balises conditionnelles ${If} - ${ElseIf} - ${EndIf}. Le résultat, c'est tout simplement que les sauts sont ignorés, c'est donc la dernière condition qui est appliquée de force, celle qui vérifie que l'OS est Windows 7. La logique fatale est que l'app ne se lance plus sous Vista.

VFTC 1.5.1